Advice For The Tougher Times

Let’s not beat around the bush. Times are tough, yet lockdowns present the opportunity to find beauty in the small things and be grateful for what we do have. When our stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane closed, we reached out to staff to see what advice they could share to our customers around the country. Here is what they said.  


As a small business, lockdowns are so disheartening. So, to clear my mind, I go for a walk every day. I also ensure that I check in daily on friends and family to see how they are going. It's important to focus on many positive things in my life which are family, friends, our home and our fortunate country – Chris Sheppard, CEO 

My wife and I welcomed our baby girl into the world in January this year, and lockdowns have given us the chance to witness every small development, from her first smile, giggle and roll-over. She is the perfect distraction to everything that is going on in the world – Erhan Baykur, General Manager  

I have been rediscovering my CD collection and relaxing while listening to music. Listening to music brings back many fond memories! I have also sorted through photos and sharing them with friends and family when we catch up virtually - Mary-Jane Hogg, Senior Buyer   

I live nearby the water so my favourite thing to do is hop on the ferry, get off at Teneriffe and do the river walk to New Farm. Obviously I grab a coffee somewhere along the way! Long walks not only clear my mind but ensure I am staying active during lockdown - Simone Kross, Brisbane Store Manager 


Lockdown or open, coffee is an everyday essential! Going for a walk each morning for coffee is also a good way for me to support my local café. Our amazing hospitality providers all over the country are doing it just as tough as retail at the moment – Gary Bowsie, Sales Associate  

My local bakery is still open for take away, so I like to pop-in there and grab something for lunch sometimes. The local winery near me (@dirtythreewines) has also partnered with a local Italian restaurant (@trullikitchen) who have a mobile pizza oven. It's a good Saturday night treat! - Chloe Bailey, Ecommerce Specialist  

Each morning I go for a walk (weather permitting) to the beach and visit my favourite coffee shop on the way home. I grab the daily paper to read and complete the word puzzles and come wine o’clockI will sit out on the front verandah and have a chat to anybody that is walking by – Ros, Receptionist/Head Office Administrator  


With the extra time at home, we have been working on redoing our back deck. I’ve never been one for DIY projects, but lockdowns have given me the chance to focus on parts of the house that need improvement. With a young puppy that enjoys bringing mud into the house, we have also been able to dedicate more time to cleaning! - Elle Pierce, Marketing Manager  

I have more time to cook and bake, and I have been able to rediscover recipes and try new ones. With my Greek heritage my recipes are mostly Mediterranean, but I do enjoy trying different cuisines. I am fortunate to have family living within my radius, so I often drop food around to them to share!  Golfo Karavia, Melbourne Store Manager

And of course, we believe the words 'retail therapy' could not be truer. An arrival from the postman can instantly lift any day! We have recently launched our new collection so if you're in need for a pick-me-up, go peruse the catalogue here