Q&A with Dame Ursula Mascaro

A female-designed future. We speak to the strong, empowered women making shoes for people just like them. 

Ursula Mascaro - Designer at Mascaro

Sisters in charge / Made in Spain


How do you drive change for women in your workplace?

We always consider and encourage women to apply for jobs at our work, whatever the role. Shoemaking was a man’s world when I grew up, so I know how important it is to have senior female role models. Their mentorship means so much to younger women starting out.

How do you promote gender equality?

We employ people based purely on their ability and qualities. Gender isn’t important to us to help us ensure absolute equality.

Dame Ursula Mascaro shoes

What initiatives has your brand taken to empower women in the workplace?

The vast majority of our team is women, 160 out of 200. We use Spanish law as a guide to give women enough time off when they have children and allow part-time work too.

Has there been a big change in female influence for your brand?

My sister and I manage the company and made a lot of changes. Where there was once only a man in charge, now there's a team of women in senior roles.

Do any women inspire your work or designs?

Yes. Coco Chanel, Schiaparelli and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

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