Does Fitting Really Matter?

Hands up if you have ever fallen victim to pain from shoes that don’t fit properly? Your feet may have formed blisters or bunions from wearing ill-fitting footwear, or worse - Long-term injury.

Peter Sheppard Footwear has been built upon the foundation that properly fitting footwear is the key to comfort. We pride ourselves in offering women the most extensive range of sizes and widths in Australia.  We also believe there is certain criteria customers should look for when buying their shoes. Considering each point could potentially save you a significant amount of time and money down the track!


Our staff have extensive training in fitting shoes properly. Using a Brannock device they take the time to measure every customer’s foot to ensure they are recommending suitable brands and styles for each individual. As a rule of thumb, there should be about 1-1.5cm at the end of your shoe for your toes to move. For open-toed shoes, ensure your toes are lying flat and not uncomfortably squashed together. Prior to buying, try wearing the same type of sock you would normally wear for the activity you’re buying the shoes for.

Tip: If you’re shopping online and unsure of your size, our Customer Service team is here to help!  


The midsole is the main part of the shoe that provides support and cushioning. It helps absorb the force that’s passed through the body with each step, allowing the body to adapt. It’s important to recognise that each shoe is different when it comes to the level of cushioning and support and each individual’s needs are different. Consider looking at brands that have patented technology in the construction of their footwear, offering the ultimate support and cushioning. Such brands include Callaghan and Thierry Rabotin

If you have orthotics, wearing quality orthotic-friendly shoes is important. To see our range, click here.


If you wear orthotics or your feet are particularly narrow or wide, it can be hard to find shoes that fit properly and are comfortable. Fortunately, luxurious soft leathers and softly cushioned insoles are the essential ingredients of all shoes at Peter Sheppard and it’s likely that with every shoe you try you’ll feel some degree of comfort. Your shoes should, however, feel comfortable from the start. Don’t solely rely on ‘breaking them in’ once you leave the shop!  

Tip: You can filter your search online to show only orthotic-friendly, narrow-fitting and wide-fitting styles. 


While we believe the fitting and comfort of your shoes are the most important things when buying new footwear, it’s also important they provide aesthetic appeal. There is nothing worse than buying a new pair of shoes, only to have them sit unworn in your wardrobe! Analyse the fabric (leather, suede?), style (sneaker, sandal?) and the design elements (laces, heel?) that set this shoe aside from others.

Tip: Consider where you’ll wear the shoes, in what weather and how much versatility they offer. To keep them looking their best, take a read of this article