Foot Health 101

When we talk about healthoften our feet are overlookedAt Peter Sheppard Footwear we find that many of our customers do not realise that feet are key indicators of the overall state of their health and wellbeingIn fact, some foot issues can signify the existence of serious and underlying conditions that can cause long-term discomfort and damage. The positive news is that many foot conditions can be prevented... If they are acted on early!  


One of the most common foot conditions we see is Plantar Fasciitis, a condition that sends deep aches or pain through the heel. It can be brought on by a variety of different factors including fatigue from an imbalance in the muscles, reduced blood flow and blood pooling. It is important to see your Podiatrist if any of these symptoms occur, as they will give you the appropriate treatment and recommend a path to recovery (which often includes new shoes!) 


We cannot be too hard on our feet. Afterall, they have carried us thousands of kilometres over a lifetime! We do, however, need to understand and respect that feet age and with age comes a higher probability that the cushioning and soft tissue in the pads and balls of the foot will diminish. Nails can become more brittle and bone deformities can occur. While they might sound concerning, these issues can be part of the natural ageing process. So don’t fret! Simply ensure you undertake basic foot care, do not wear your shoes into the ground, wear orthotics if necessary and use cushioned insoles to mitigate any issues you are experiencing. If symptoms persist, see your Podiatrist. 


You would be surprised how many people do not look after their toenails, yet they can be such a common cause of foot problems. Nail infections often arise which are not only painful but frustrating to experience. To prevent nail infections, where the nail becomes discoloured and brittle, frequently wash and dry your feet, avoid public showers or pools (unless you are wearing a trusty pair of thongs) and hang socks out in the sun. It is also helpful to air your shoes regularly and rotate the styles you wear each day to ensure they completely dry out.  


We know that comfortable footwear is the cherry on the pie when it comes to maintaining healthy feet and preventing long-term conditions. Up to twice your bodyweight is applied through the feet, illustrating why comfortable, properly fitted footwear is crucial to keeping foot conditions at bay. We frequently meet women wearing shoes that are too small, too narrow or too wide for their feet. This can result in Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, blisters, corns and calluses or Metatarsalgia, a condition where inflammation of the foot can make even standing unbearable.

At Peter Sheppard Footwear each customer is properly fitted by a knowledgeable Sales Associates using a Brannock device, determining your exact size and width.  From there, we recommend a range of styles that meet the needs of your feet, and your style preferences. We also have wide a range of orthotic friendly shoes. Yes, our approach might seem old school, but it is one that sets us apart from most footwear retailers and why we are known for the most impeccable customer service.


Peter Sheppard Footwear has Australia's most extensive range of orthotic friendly, narrow and wide fitting shoes, with a style to suit every foot. To explore collection please shop online or visit us in store in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.