Has your shoe shopping become a drag?

As a young girl I believed that I was blessed to be born with ‘dainty feet.’ My grandmother would tell me that in some Asian cultures narrow feet were considered the hallmark of beauty and that I should think myself lucky to bestow such elegance. What she didn’t tell me was that shopping for shoes would one day become the bane of my existence, as shoemakers were not thinking of dainty Asian feet when creating their collections.

I am a woman and women are supposed to love shoe shopping. But not me. I have pounded the streets visiting store after store in the hope to one day become Cinderella and find the shoe that fits me perfectly. I have watched the look of despair appear on the faces of sales people as they attempt every technique to compensate for my narrow feet. Insoles, heel grips, thick socks, I know every trick in the book.

However one day my luck changed. I was enjoying lunch with a group of friends when I admired a pair of shoes one of the ladies was wearing. “Oh how I wish I could wear such a shoe” I remarked as I stood there trying to hide my dowdy pair of pumps. After explaining my shoe dilemma my friend urged me to try Peter Sheppard Footwear. She explained that they have the largest range of sizes and widths in Australia and that all of the staff had been professionally trained on fittings.

As soon as I arrived home I jumped online to peruse their website and sure enough, she was right. There were not only several brands that accommodated for narrow feet but also the shoes were beautiful.

Believing it to be too good to be true, I headed into the city the following day and arrived at the most breathtaking shoe store my eyes had seen. Chandeliers falling from the ceiling, professionally groomed staff waiting to assist me, hundreds of shoes beautifully displayed throughout.  Was this what women were talking about when they described their love of shoe shopping?

A distinguished looking gentleman escorted me to my seat, measured my feet and listened attentively to my needs. He dashed off into the back room only to return moments later with boxes piled high and all of them in my size. I could not believe my eyes. For the first time in my life I was able to select shoes not only based on whether they fit, but which of the styles I preferred.

I may not have left on a horse and carriage, but I certainly felt like Cinderella. With my shoe purchases in hand, I waved good-bye to Gary, who would go on to become my life long friend, and floated home in shoes that not only felt good, but looked even better.