How to shop for shoes when you’re time poor.

 As a busy professional mother, there never seems to be enough hours left in the day. Juggling career, children and personal obligations leaves very little time for the things I love to do, this includes shopping for shoes.

Like most women, shoe shopping has always been one of my favourite past times. I believe that shoes are the most important element to any wardrobe as they play a pivotal role in how a person’s presentation is ultimately perceived. The entire character of an outfit can be solidified or tarnished thanks to whatever shoes one is wearing and for this reason I take my shoe selection seriously.

I need shoes that will see me from day into evening. Whether it be walking my kids into school or presenting to a board of directors, my shoes must serve several functions. They need to feel amazing but also look sophisticated. I also want my shoes to last more than one season so I consider my purchase as an investment in my life.  

Fortunately for me, I have ease of shopping at Peter Sheppard Footwear.  I am able to view their entire collection online from the stress free environment of my office. By simply placing my size and preferred colours into the search engine, I am presented with an enormous range of shoes that suit my needs. Even better, to ensure customers are receiving the highest level of service, Peter Sheppard offers a phone service so that customers can have specific questions answered by a team of fully trained sales specialists. They recognise that shopping for shoes is unique and have therefor provided a unique online experience.

I always utilise the phone service, as I am particular when it comes to heel heights. Margaret has been working at Peter Sheppard for over 20 years and knows the collection inside and out. Over the years she and I have built a firm friendship as she carefully navigates me to the shoes that she believes suits my needs. This extra service they provide takes the trepidation out of online shopping and replaces it with a personalised touch.

Within seven days of making my purchase my shoes arrive and I feel the surge of excitement most women do when shopping for footwear. This convenient and time friendly service suits my needs allowing me to get on with the every day demands of daily life.