How To Style Loafers

Ready for winter? Whether you’re styling up for the season or ready to overhaul your whole wardrobe, there’s no denying that flat shoes are on trend and in season.

A comfortable, practical and stylish item, the classic flat black loafer has had a revamp and we’re ready to don a pair both day and night. Whether you’re looking to sport a pair of loafers with a suit to the office, or as a casual option on your weekend we’ve got all the tips and tricks to make it a stylish occasion.

How to Wear Black Loafers Both Day and Night

The flat black leather loafer is no longer a , traditional shoe – instead, these everyday classics are a winter friendly option that can transition seamlessly between different occasions on your work and social calendar. Here are our top five ways to weave a loafer into your everyday look:

      1. Winter weather: Wondering if you can wear loafers in the winter? Absolutely! A perfect staple for getting to and from the office both early morning and after hours, these flats are comfortable and sturdy enough to keep you moving when the weather is less than ideal.
      2. Casual weekends: Popping by the Saturday morning market before grabbing lunch with friends? Paired with slim leg jeans, black leather trousers, or mid-length satin skirt, patient or leather loafers show that you pay attention to what’s in vogue while still maintaining a casual effortless air.
      3. In the office: Want to stay business-casual while ditching the heels? Black loafers pair with every office outfit, from wide-legged trousers to a mid-length skirt and suit. Whether you’re opting for dark denim on a casual Friday or need to lead a boardroom meeting, 2022’s version of a loafer will have you looking professional and stylish. For a chic minimalist look, opt to style a black loafer back with black, white, khaki, brown or tan clothing. Avoid wearing pastels as these colours are more feminine for this more tailored, sophisticated shoe.
      4. Maintain balance: If you’re removing heels from your look, it’s important to bring height in elsewhere. We recommend opting for a trouser with a high waistline, this will ensure you look elongated and balance out your outfit. For more styling tips checkout this video, put together by Sally McKinnon, Melbourne’s Leading Personal Stylist and featuring our Zocal Zilla loafer.
      5. Going bare: While we prefer a slim, low-lying sock in the winter (eek, it’s cold!) some warmer climates will favour the modern slim-shoe, no-sock If you’re donning capris, a mid-length skirt, or shorts and want to make a statement, consider going barefoot. Our recommendation? Put on a thin, skin-coloured nylon to minimise friction between your foot and the leather sole.

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There’s no debating that flat shoes are in season and black is still the number one for wardrobe staples all year round (especially in Melbourne). Winter friendly, sleek enough for the workplace, and comfortable enough to transition from day to night, the classic black loafer is replacing women’s heels, ballet flats, and sandals around the globe.

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