Introducing Our Men's Collection

We sat down with Peter Sheppard Footwear's CEO Chris Sheppard to discuss the collection and the purpose behind #petersheppardman.

What was the purpose behind the men’s collection?  

Over the years we’ve seen consistent demand for a men’s collection. We see men coming into our stores everyday wanting to know where the men's collection is. Our staff constantly get asked, “where can we go in the city to buy shoes for men?”. It suggested there was a market for men that had not yet been tapped into, and we wanted to be the first retailers in Australia to offer something unique with top quality shoemakers from Europe. Furthermore, with such a wonderful clientele of women who have husbands, sons and brothers who needing premium footwear, we have confidence that word of mouth will allow this collection to flourish.  

What was taken into consideration when selecting the brands to feature in the men’s collection? 

The brands we have selected to feature in Peter Sheppard Footwear’s first online men’s collection are the best shoemakers in Europe. These are factories we already partner with for our women’s collection, so we know the quality and the comfort guaranteed within each style. Our established relationships, many that span multiple decades, means we can buy directly from European showrooms and have a lot of influence over the range. Our team of buyers work closely with each supplier to really understand the craftsmanship and engineering of each shoe. As has been the case for 48 years, we only buy the best in quality and fit. Our men’s collection takes this one step further, by comprising a range of shoes you simply cannot find in an Australian department store.  

What colours, materials and styles can we expect within the collection and how/why were these chosen?  

In some ways men are simple in their footwear needs. Black, brown and navy are key colours that spearhead the collection. Our male customer is a man who knows the value of comfort, and often prioritises it over the look of a shoe. As the dress code for offices continues to shift, we know there are corporate men wearing their suits less, opting for smart casual pants and shirts. We have tailored the men’s collection to suit this dress code. For men with wider feet, the men’s offering caters for you too. Waldläufer features this season, a German brand specialising in shoes perfect for a broader foot. 

Why is the men’s collection so much smaller than the women’s collection?  

Our men’s collection is online only, which is why we’ve kept it refined. Our aim is to work with fewer suppliers, but really home in on their individual offerings and unique selling points. Bricks and mortar stores are in the pipeline, with our long-term plan to have physical selling points from 2023. Our experience suggests our women enjoy convenience, which is why the stores will be planned to sit adjacent to our women’s stores. Once a physical footprint has been established, our buyers will look to diversify the collection.  

Who has the collection been designed for?  

We focus on brands that make your feet happy. Every style in the collection has been handmade in Europe by shoemakers who genuinely know everything there is to know about shoes. They call on the best quality European leather and integrate soft soles that help nurture aching feet. The collection is made for men who understands and appreciates quality in footwear. They, just like us, believe that when life is good when your feet are happy.  

What are the five styles you're most excited about this season? 

I can’t choose five! But I love AJAN by Lloyd for casual events and WILHELM by Waldläufer for exploring the great outdoors.   

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