Is customer service a thing of the past?

When was the last time you shopped in a retail environment and felt the sales assistant had a genuine interest in your needs? Have you ever felt embarrassed asking for help without purchasing at the end? Was there a time you felt uncomfortable just browsing in a store under the watchful eyes of a sales person?

 These are just some of the experiences shared amongst many people when shopping, forcing many to turn to online shopping as an alternative. But what if the retail experience was not this way? What if upon entering you felt like a guest in someone’s home where your comfort was priority over anything else?

 Peter Sheppard Footwear delivers a shopping experience like no other. They understand that shopping for shoes is an investment that requires thoughtful consideration and time and that each customers needs are different.

 Daniel is the manager of Peter Sheppard Sydney and explains that he trains his staff to be present but not obtrusive. “Like guests, we want our customers to know that they have been seen as soon as they arrive. We greet them warmly and then allow them to take their time perusing our vast range. We know the signs to look for that tell us that they require assistance and we make sure that we have staff available immediately to attend to them. Selling shoes can take a few minutes for some, or hours for others; it depends on the customers needs. My team are instructed to take as long as they need. Our goal is to see customers walk out happy so that they return time and time again.”

When a retailer is focused more on creating a memorable experience rather than closing the sale, you are guaranteed to make the right choices.