Q&A with Claudia Perez Polo

A female-designed future. We speak to the strong, empowered women making shoes for people just like them. 

Claudia Perez Polo - Designer at Naguisa

Founded on feminism / Made in Spain


How do you drive change for women in your workplace?

Our company is only relatively young at six years old. When we created it we made sure to do so on a gender equal basis so we wouldn’t have to face any challenges.

How do you promote gender equality?

To be honest, it’s second nature rather than any concrete policies. We take it for granted in many regards. We’re a young team with ages ranging between 24 and 37. We concentrate on each person doing their tasks based on ability, not gender.

What initiatives has your brand taken to empower women in the workplace?

Our team is actually mostly women, we only have one man who works here. If anything, he’s outnumbered and at a disadvantage! We choose people based on their sensitivity and affinity to our shoes, which in our case are made for women.

Has there been a big change in female influence for your brand?

Not a change as such, but I can't understate the importance of female influence for us. Naguisa wouldn’t be what it is today without the incredible contribution of our female staff.

Do any women inspire your work or designs?

Yes definitely, though not a single or a specific character. I'm inspired by my mother, my friends, the women in my team, the mothers of my daughters' friends and their grandmothers too. They’re all women I spend time with every day who fight for something better with acute sensitivity.


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