Meet Cat Sanz; Mum, Business Owner & Hugo Sheppard Shoe Enthusiast

You’re a mum of three, business owner and blogger. You are also a role model on social media for many women from all walks of life. How do you manage it all?  

I won't admit to managing it 'all' all the time. I have just become better at knowing how to slide on each hat and lean towards each of my roles. Being a mum is my priority and I always return to that when work and life in general gets too busy. But I am a big believer on being organised and taking the platform I have to help share my core message of mindset and nurturing yourself through motherhood and working life.

What does a typical day in the life of Cat Sanz look like?

Every day differs because, kids! But, generally my day can look like the following:

5:30am: My alarm goes off and I meditate and shower before he kids are up. Then it's breakfast, school bags packed and some quick housework before I'm out the door for school, kinder or childcare drop offs (every day is different)!

9:15am: I get home to check emails and prep dinner.

10am: My work period - this could be a conference call, working on a project, a shoot, content creation or planning so can change how long the day is planned out, if a babysitter is needed to help, or perhaps its a kinder day and I have pick up by 10:30am.

12pm: I have lunch with my kids and do an activity or take a walk. I aim to be home by 1:30pm so as my baby boy can sleep and my younger daughter can have some down time. I am often slipping in some work for an hour before school pickup.

3pm: School pickup and childcare pickup (depending on the day) then it's about the kids. We either head to the park, collect items at the shops or head home and get dinner ready.

5pm: The kids showered and it's dinner time. I take this time to tidy up, have story time and wind down for bed.

7:30pm: I pray the kids are all asleep and get prepped for the following day (lunch boxes, dinner, school bags). By 8pm I am normally online catching up on communication, projects, engagement, posts, emails.

10pm: Bed, gratitude journal then lights off!

You’re obviously a woman on the go… What are your absolute essentials when it comes to time management?

Lists are my essentials. I have a weekly planner on the fridge, a joint calendar on my phone with hubby and a to do list that gets updated daily. Wherever you mainly work from have it sitting there. At this stage it's on the fridge. Pre-baby M it was on my desk but most days I don't make it to my desk and work on my laptop wherever I can grab a minute.

There are plenty of time management programs for work but I set guidelines about when I respond to emails, when I touch base on socials, and I have phone down periods when I am working on projects.


Women on the go need comfy shoes! Tell us what your favourite style of shoe is and why?

I am a sneaker girl for day-to-day wear. I adore a flat slide if I want to give my outfit a lift and I feel like as a mum in jeans most days a slide can really lift your jeans and t-shirt combination. If I am heading out, a tan or blush heel. I'm all about the stacked heel or a wedge for support on the go.

You’re stuck on a desert island and have to wear one pair of shoes from the Hugo Sheppard collection for life. Which pair do you wear and why?

If I had to decide on a pair for life the practical person inside of me would take over. 'Tila' (aka what I teamed with THAT blue suit) would be my choice!

Lastly, can you give us your top 3 styling tips?

  1. Wear your personality, forget trends. Wear the outfit that screams at you from the wardrobe.

  2. Invest in staple, good quality pieces. A good tan, black or neutral heel will never date and can be worn every season with all styles & outfits.

  3. Add a little something. If you are just going to work, collecting the kids from school, or headed for a coffee with a friend and aren't feeling your style or outfit... Don't go overboard. Pick one thing to focus on, like a fun shoe, an accessory or a hat. One key feature can lift an everyday outfit with ease.

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