Meet Peter Sheppard Footwear's Art Director

Catherine Leon - Art Director/Senior Designer at Peter Sheppard Footwear 

How long have you been working for Peter Sheppard Footwear and what’s your role? 

I have been working as the Art Director/Senior Designer for Peter Sheppard Footwear’s creatives and marketing department for four years. In my role I oversee and develop the creative for all of Peter Sheppard’s marketing campaigns, including the seasonal catalogues, digital content and large-scale print. I really enjoy my line of work; Peter Sheppard gives me the creative freedom to produce beautiful content.

How has the catalogue evolved over the last decade?  

I love looking through our catalogue archives, especially from the 80s and 90s. From the different photography styles used, font layouts and colour schemes, it sometimes feels like I’ve travelled through a time machine! The catalogue has evolved significantly over time to align with style trends and the preferences of our customers. Each design concept has been created with the Peter Sheppard woman in mind, giving her a memorable experience when she flicks through the glossy pages

Can you give a brief summary of the work that goes into producing one of Peter Sheppard’s seasonal catalogues? 

As the Art Director of each of our catalogues, I oversee and action every detail. This includes the creative concept production and production selection right through to talent casting and graphic design. In the initial planning stages I work closely with the Store Managers and our CEO to ensure we deliver a catalogue that meets all customer expectations.

There is at least one month of planning prior to going on set and shooting. The campaign shoot lasts ten days, which during this time sees us shoot over 400 styles and create over 200 final images. They are long days, but I work with an amazing creative team of Stylists, Photographers and Producers who make it all worthwhile.

Once I receive all the campaign images from our Re-toucher, the second part of the fun begins - I design the catalogue page layout and start getting creative with font and image placement. It takes time to ensure all product information is correct, but I work closely with our great office support team to ensure the ‘i's are dotted and the t's are crossed’.

Where did you draw your inspiration from for this season’s catalogue? 

The inspiration comes from everywhere! It could come from an arrangement of exotic flowers at a café or a day trip hiking and sightseeing. It comes from the composition of shapes, colours and tones that catch my eye on an everyday basis. After being in isolation over the last few months I really wanted to focus on the simple and beautiful things in life. In this instance I was inspired by memories of last summer - Being outdoors and sharing refreshing gelato with loved ones. I drew inspiration from some of the pastel colours and shapes the gelato makes. You will hopefully see my vision unfold as you flick through the pages of our catalogue. Have fun with it!

How will this season’s catalogue be different to last (without giving too much away)? 

We had to overcome many challenges due to COVID-19. Delayed deliveries, cancelled orders and store closures were just some of the obstacles we had to overcome to ensure a season still played out. The catalogue feels a little different but the premium quality in every shoe is the same. And that’s the most important thing! 

What brand/shoe do you think people will be most excited to see this season?  

They are all so beautiful and I truly appreciate the stylish design and functionality of all of our shoes. There is, however, one brand that I know our Peter Sheppard customers will love this season and that is Softwaves. I love the animal-inspired prints, the mustards and navies throughout the collection and, in true Peter Sheppard fashion, the stylish practicality in every shoe.

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