Q&A with Dame Trinidad Martinez

A female-designed future. We speak to the strong, empowered women making shoes for people just like them. 

Trinidad Martinez - Designer at Lodi/Gadea

Designed by women / Made in Spain


How do you drive change for women in your workplace?

Even though this is something that’s always been a priority for our business, it’s still been a challenge. I’m proud to say at the moment highly skilled women make up our entire design department.

How do you promote gender equality?

Lodi/Gadea hire on a gender blind basis. We look for the best-qualified person for the job, regardless of being male or female.

 What initiatives has your brand taken to empower women in the workplace?

We encourage flexible working for new mothers. Women can apply for extended maternity leave and take a part-time role to bring up their children. We also encourage women to go for senior managing roles in marketing, finance and design.

Has there been a big change in female influence for your brand?

Absolutely. We used to have two separate design departments based on gender, but now we have a unified team made up of only women. Men aren’t excluded of course. But we’ve discovered so many talented women recently who understand good design.

Do any women inspire your work or designs?

I’m always inspired by the incredible women I work with. Their influence extends past my work into my everyday life too. I try to surround myself with passionate women; it’s infectious.