The shoe secret every stylish woman needs to know.

 Every Melbourne woman knows that once the months of November to October hits, racing season is in the air. The Spring Carnival is Melbourne’s most premier social event as women scramble to fashion stores to create the perfect ensemble. Television channels broadcast footage of immaculately groomed women sipping from champagne flutes in glamorous marquee’s exuding elegance and grace. However, by the end of the day this image is contrasted by something quiet different. Women making their way home, limping with pain etched all over their faces. Then there are some that simply decide to remove their shoes all together and go bare foot to salvage their poor aching feet. 

Foot soreness can be the result of many things, but the most likely reason your feet hurt is because your shoes are not fitting correctly. Peter Sheppard fitting expert Pam explains that in order for your shoes to feel comfortable they must fit correctly. “When we say fit, we are not just talking about the length of feet,” she explains, “but we also refer to the width and depth of a woman’s foot. Feet come in different sizes so it’s always important to fit the longest part of the feet. Finally, feet must be measured regularly because they can change over time.”

The name Peter Sheppard has become synonymous over the years with magnificent shoes that fit correctly. Showcasing the finest European brands, they carry the largest range of sizes and widths in Australia. Their commitment to ensuring that women feel comfortable in their shoes all day every day has become world famous as they offer a shopping experience like no other.

Pam recommends that women who are prone to foot soreness make sure that there is always a soft padding under the ball of the feet where most of the pressure is directed and to also consider wearing wedges that elongate the legs and give height but also create a stable cushioning on the ground.

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