Our Spring/Summer 2021 Bestseller Predictions

The collection this season has exceeded every expectation, with colours brighter and more beautiful than ever before. From sneakers and slides to sandals with or without a heel; there is truly the shoe for every woman. To guide your decision-making this season, we have collated a list of styles we believe will be bestsellers. Or, in other words, the shoes you must take a look at before they’re gone!  

PEONIA by Pons Quintana  

Whether it’s the woven leather, geometric-inspired heel or leather floral embellishment that catches your eye, Peonia could be this season’s most intricate shoe. This gorgeous heel has been handcrafted in Spain by one of our new brands for spring/summer 2021, Pons Quintana. The entire Pons Quintana collection embodies the very essence of Spain, yet it is the Peonia heel that has especially captured our heart.  

HURLEY by Högl 

Remember the Högl sneaker on the cover of our autumn/winter 2021 catalogue? Well, our good friends at Högl have reimagined that vibrant sneaker and it’s called Hurley. Think various shades of red, pink and yellow that come together in a perfectly whimsical way. The print of the Hurley sneaker is inspired by the African savannah, emulating the warm landscapes of those faraway places we would love so dearly to visit. 

MARZIPAN by Porta Rossa  

Each season there is at least one Porta Rossa style that pushes the boundaries of traditional shoe design. This season, it is Marzipan by Porta Rossa. You might not ever find a style that blurs the line between a derby, lace-up and ballerina flat so effortlessly. The style’s ability to challenge the status quo and step outside the design box means it will forever be a unique wardrobe companion.  

WALLERT by Waldläufer 

There’s a good reason why the Wallert sneaker by Waldläufer returns season after season. A great style for our customers who wear orthotics, it's reliable in every way. The Wallert sneaker’s leather lining meets its match with an antibacterial and moisture absorbing inner lining. Breathability? Check. This sneaker is even recommended, along with its other Waldläufer counterparts, by Podiatrists around the country.  

CRANE by Calpierre  

The hardest decision that was made when buying the Calpierre range was which colour to buy in the Crane loafer. So, we got both and never looked back! In a blue so soft it could melt and a tangerine so delicious you could eat it; it is a winner shoe and sure to sell out this season. The choice of colours is not only what make this style special. It’s the contrasting leather tassel, the visible stitching and the pure comfort that can be felt while wearing it.  

LOOT by Luca Grossi  

Luca Grossi never fail to impress us with their contemporary designs and striking details. The Loot sandal is no exception with its bold, slightly chunky aesthetic. In fact, we loved it so much we bought it in three colourways! Black, white and metallic hues combine in the most perfect way, taking it from a desk to dinner sandal with complete ease. They say variety is the spice of life, so try the Loot sandal for something a little different this season.  

There is so much more to the spring/summer 2021 collection, we suggest you pop by the store or dedicate some (a lot of) time to browse the website. To be kept in the loop with new arrivals and future season launches please sign up to our mailing list here