Why do women love shoes?

Flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, clogs, platforms, wedges, strappy, buckled, lace-ups, peep-toes. Regardless of the style, shoe shopping has long been considered a favourite past time for women. The moment they enter a shoe store, the hearts of women start to race with anticipation as a sea of glorious footwear awaits their inspection. 

The love affair between women and their shoes is no secret. On average, a woman owns 20 pairs of shoes at any given time. Women are starting to dress themselves from the ground up with footwear given priority over other parts of their ensemble.

So what creates this obsession with shoes? Gary Bowsie is the leading customer service manager at Peter Sheppard Footwear and has been assisting women and their footwear needs for over 12 years. He believes it is all wrapped up in a woman’s self esteem.

“Shoe size rarely fluctuates with either weight or age and there is no wounding to a woman’s self esteem if a pair of shoes doesn’t fit well, unlike a dress or a pair of jeans,” he explains. “On the contrary, a great pair of shoes instantly uplifts a woman’s spirit. Slipping into high heels lengthens their shape, changes the curve of their posture and that physical change can evoke an inner feeling of confidence and sexiness.”

Working at Australia’s most prestigious footwear retailer, Gary has seen women’s moods be transformed in a manner of minutes. “At Peter Sheppard we have the largest range of sizes and widths in Australia, so regardless of the size and shape of the woman’s foot, I know that I will be able to present her with an array of beautiful shoes that surpasses her expectations. It gives me enormous pleasure to be part of a process that helps women feel wonderful.”

Peter Sheppard Footwear has stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Their collections can be viewed online as well as in their twice-yearly magazine that features collection highlights and trends from around the globe.