Why good foot health is imperative for overall wellbeing.

At a recent trip to my podiatrist, I was told that I needed to start using orthotics: custom-made shoe inserts that help the feet work, as they should.

In the lead up to the appointment I had been suffering with foot pain. It started in my feet and over time the pain made its way up my legs and into the lower part of my back. The podiatrist explained that were problems with the structure of my feet and that this could be rectified with the use of orthotics as they help to change the way the foot functions.

In addition to treating biomechanical foot problems such as flat feet or very high arches, orthotics are used to relieve pain from conditions such as plantar’s fasciitis (also known as heel spurs), bunions, hammertoes and metatarsalgia. They are also used to address knee problems and even hip and back problems.

He suggested that I visit Peter Sheppard Footwear as they have the largest range of shoes available in Australia to accommodate orthotics. Further, all staff have been fully trained on matters regarding foot health and fittings so they would be able to advise me on the perfect shoes to suit my needs.

For an orthotic to fit correctly, the shoe needs to have a removable foot bed. Once this is taken out it makes way for my custom made orthotic which supports my feet and corrects any weaknesses. The friendly sales member assisting me measured my feet to gauge my exact fitting and I was shocked to learn that I had been wearing the wrong size shoes for some years. Apparently our feet change as we get older therefor; regular foot measurement is a crucial part of selecting shoes.

I was presented with a large range that not only fitted my orthotics but also my taste in footwear.

Two months later I am already feeling the benefits of my orthotics. My feet have corrected themselves relieving me of my ongoing back pain. Not only am I feeling better, but I also have a brand new collection of beautiful footwear from which to choose from. Every woman’s dream.