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put your feet up ...

Our home is our sanctuary, a place where we feel relaxed, safe and at peace.

When we shut the door after a long day on our feet, we want to leave the outside world behind us and find a place of calm. A lightly scented candle, a warm bubble bath or simply slipping our feet into a luxurious pair of slippers can be the ultimate in bliss.

The Slipper Hub is a unique on line store specialising in slippers and house shoes. Brands are sourced from all over the world making it the largest collection of slippers all under one hub.

Originating from France, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Spain and Australia, this magnificent assortment of brands delivers both sublime comfort and superb styling.

Each brand has its own story. From the cute and quirky to the sophisticated and elegant, the Slipper Hub has sourced the best from the best and raises comfort in the home to a whole new level.

Natural materials encourage foot rejuvenation and help heal tired and painful feet from the outside in. By the time you retire for the evening, your feet will have a renewed sense of well-being.


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