Walk on Clouds with Naot Shoes from Peter Sheppard

Naot shoes unites comfort and style to provide incredible, everyday shoes for women. Peter Sheppard is pleased to offer Naot shoes to women who desire wearability and appeal, with the range being shoppable on the Peter Sheppard website as well as in store.

Peter Sheppard is now one of the leading retailers of Naot shoes in Australia, helping women find their step. Since its formation in Israel in 1942, Naot has become a leader in comfort footwear for women. Designs are kept simple and classic so as to suit any outfit or occasion. A cushioned sole supports the foot through every movement, while the timeless designs allow you to step out with confidence. From the feisty Tatiana to the professional Kirei, there will be something to suit everyone within Peter Sheppard’s extensive range of Naot shoes.

Supportive and Stylish for Sophisticated Women

Naot appreciates that women need a comfortable and supportive shoe to carry them through their daily activities. In order to meet these needs, Naot offers shoes, boots, clogs and sandals of all descriptions. There is now no need to choose between comfort or style, with Naot making it possible to look and feel good at once.

Naot footbeds gently correct the foot’s posture, with the wearer’s alignment improving in a short period of time. The wearer’s body weight is distributed equally across the foot, releasing pressure and preventing damage. Durability is also ensured, as Naot works using the highest quality materials and in accordance with strict quality control measures. Shock-resistant and breathable, Naot keeps you flowing through your day.

Every woman deserves to feel her best. If you are ready to prioritise your comfort, consider purchasing Naot shoes online at Peter Sheppard. To elevate your experience, visit Peter Sheppard to have your feet professionally measured in order to find the perfect fit.

The Peter Sheppard Experience

It may not always be possible to visit a Peter Sheppard store in person. To keep meeting the needs of their clientele, Peter Sheppard has now made it possible to book online shopping appointments. During this appointment, you’ll be connected with an experienced staff member through a video call, and will be able to ask questions, receive recommendations, get fitting advice and see shoes on foot. Alternatively, you can visit Peter Sheppard in person to see the range of Naot shoes on offer, as well as other beautiful brands including Roberto Figini, Munro and Hassia. Peter Sheppard understands that every woman has her own definition of comfort, and her own personal tastes. Whether you like to take your time or value efficient service, Peter Sheppard will work to ensure your complete satisfaction. From everyday essentials to occasion footwear, Peter Sheppard offers the variety and quality you’ve been searching for.