When I look at this Spring Summer collection, I’m taken back to Europe. If there’s one thing you’ll notice, it’s the colour. It covers the spectrum from citrusy lemon or mandarin to vivid fuschias and purples.

Like every year, we hugely enjoyed spending time with our trusted suppliers in Europe, especially when they revealed the high standard of craftsmanship you’re about to see. As a family business ourselves, it’s rewarding to partner with so many shoemakers who are also second, third or fourth generation family businesses. Then, as ever, we worked closely with our team members in Italy, Spain and Germany to make sure each collection meets our impeccable standards, crafted around our knowledge of your needs.

We’re grateful, as always, to our Australian staff too. As a boutique business, we still have the same values as a real extended family.

We proudly nurture our employees, giving them the support they need. I’m sure this is one of the reasons they offer the same exceptional care for our customers.

Whilst our commitment to service, quality, comfort and fit will always stay the same, we do also have one eye on what the future holds. You might have noticed our new and improved website, designed to be easier to use than ever. Do have a look if you haven’t already. We’d love to hear your feedback.

I know that this season’s collection looks impressive. But secretly, I’m happier with the fact that each pair will feel even better.

Thanks as always for your continued support.

Autumn / Winter 2019

I am so proud to launch our Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection.

With three European offices dedicated to sourcing the best shoes from around the globe, we`re sure that you will love what we have collated for you.

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Spring / Summer 2018

I am pleased to present to you the Spring / Summer Collection for 2018.
Building our collection each season is no easy feature. Working alongside a team of buyers in Europe, we select shoes from over 60 factories. Only buying from factories that remain consistent in their attention to quality and fit.

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