It is with great pleasure I present to you our Autumn / Winter 2019 Collection.

From around the world, our buying team have sourced factories that use age-old manufacturing processes to create some of the finest shoes available. More often than not, these factories are family owned, their craft having been handed down from one generation to the next. There is nothing I love more than seeing a production line influenced by three generations of shoe lovers, all devoted to making beautiful footwear.

Being a family owned and run business ourselves, there are many parallels in how we do business. We are committed to creating the most outstanding shopping experience for our customers whether it be in-store, online or through our experienced phone service department. No other retailer in the world has a team of fully trained shoe professionals ready and waiting to talk to you on the phone to answer your every concern and attend to your needs.

We've had a busy 12 months with the opening of our new Peter Sheppard store in Westfield Sydney last August. Designed by Peter, himself, no expense was spared to provide a destination where our customers can experience a world-class retail atmosphere. Peter wanted this to be the kind of space where our customers can visit, regardless of whether or not they need to buy shoes, and take respite from the busy pace of downtown retailing. If you’re in Sydney, please drop in and tell us what you think. We’d love your feedback.

The collection you are about to see is one of the most beautiful, I believe, we have ever put together. Every shoe has passed by several sets of eyes and opinions until our entire team agreed that it covered all your needs. If you feel that there is something missing, please let us know. We value your feedback.

Thank you for your continuing support. It is our privilege to have you as our customer and we look forward to serving you in store or online soon.

Spring / Summer 2018

I am so proud to launch our Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection.

With three European offices dedicated to sourcing the best shoes from around the globe, we`re sure that you will love what we have collated for you.

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Autumn / Winter 2018

I am pleased to present to you the Autumn/Winter Collection for 2018.
Building our collection each season is no easy feature. Working alongside a team of buyers in Europe, we select shoes from over 60 factories. Only buying from factories that remain consistent in their attention to quality and fit.

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