To our valued Customer,

I am proud to present the latest Peter Sheppard Footwear catalogue; the first High Summer catalogue we have ever produced.

The collection, with an emphasis on lightweight and summery styles, has been curated to align with the lifestyles of Peter Sheppard Footwear customers. You might notice a more extensive selection of versatile footwear that can be worn walking, throughout the day and into the evening. An array of exquisite European made sandals, sneakers and slides have filled the shelves at Peter Sheppard Footwear, with the perfect shoe for every woman.

A ‘How to Shop Online’ guide has been included with your catalogue to assist you when shopping from home. This guide has also now been digitalised and can be found on our website. For those customers looking to purchase their shoes online for the first time, I hope this guide brings confidence to your shopping experience.

Customer service is available on 1800 335 187 seven days a week to assist you with any enquiries you might have regarding your fit or size. With their experience on the shop floor, our customer service team is ready to help you find the perfect pair.

As I write this letter, I am reflecting on the challenges we have faced as a business this year. 2020 has seen much uncertainty. It has, however, also highlighted the unwavering support we continue to receive from our customers every season.

Chris Sheppard 


Spring / Summer 2020

On behalf of the Sheppard family, I thank you for continuing to support Peter Sheppard Footwear, in particular over the last six months. It has certainly been the most challenging period in our 47 years of business.

It has been an unsettling time full of unknowns however we have experienced the most unrelenting support, kind words and actions from our loyal customers. It is truly humbling.

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Autumn / Winter 2020

On behalf of the Sheppard family, I send you a heartfelt thank you for continuing to support Peter Sheppard, the footwear business we’ve worked so hard to build. I hope you enjoy the Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection that my team and I share with pride.

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Spring / Summer 2019

When I look at this Spring Summer collection, I’m taken back to Europe. If there’s one thing you’ll notice, it’s the colour. It covers the spectrum from citrusy lemon or mandarin to vivid fuschias and purples.

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