Did you know that over 90% of women wear shoes that are too small? From blisters and calluses to more long-term and damaging issues like hammertoes and bunions, there are many issues that properly fitting footwear can help prevent.  

Women are 4 times more likely than men to experience long-term foot health issues, which is why measuring the foot and choosing the right pair of shoes is essential. The team of footwear experts at Peter Sheppard Footwear work closely with Podiatrists, who rely on us for our extensive selection of orthotic-friendly styles and footwear tailored for tricky feet. 

The relationship we hold with Podiatrists means not only can we recommend one of our preferred Podiatrists, it’s likely they’ll recommend us to you too. Our business has been founded upon the principle that with the correctly fitting shoes, you can walk effortlessly and comfortably all-day, every day. And as Australia’s largest supplier of European footwear, our shoes are not only made with quality and durability but timeless styling too. The Podiatrists we work with understand that Peter Sheppard Footwear prioritises both comfort and design, meaning that women shouldn’t need to choose between the two. 

Just like our footwear, we take careful consideration when referring our customers to Podiatrists. In return, our Podiatrists know that when they refer their clients to Peter Sheppard Footwear, premium service and a genuine understanding of foot health is guaranteed. It is our mission to find the perfect shoe for every woman, no matter how difficult their feet may be to fit.  

If you’re looking for assistance finding a Podiatrist near you, please get in touch. Or if you’re a Podiatrist interested in working with Peter Sheppard Footwear please contact us