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Extend the Life of Your Shoes

Taking the plunge and investing in shoes online can be daunting. At Peter Sheppard Footwear each pair of shoes, no matter the price tag, comes with a quality guarantee. This means that with any purchase also comes the likelihood you’ll wear them for many years to come. Below are a few handy tips that can help make this happen. From waterproofing and polishing to removing your shoes correctly, proper care is essential.

Shoes in the process of being made


In waterproofing, an agent is applied to a particular material that then changes its properties. It undergoes a process called hydrophobisation, which results in a water-repellent fabric. So, why is it important? Because it is the most effective way to prepare your shoes for wet and dewy days. Waterproofing will not only protect them from moisture - It will also prevent the penetration of dirt, preserve the colour and prolong the durability of shoes.


Loss of colour, cracks and scratches can naturally occur when shoes are worn frequently. This is not a bad thing as it signifies quality and character in the leather! Shoe polish can assist in concealing signs of wear, however, and will help in preventing future damage. It works by replenishing the oils and fats that are lost from wear and helps to defy water or moisture damage. It can improve the overall appearance of your shoes and therefore promotes longevity. Tip: Polishing should be used in addition to waterproofing.


While it may seem obvious, taking your shoes off properly is important. It will ensure the preservation of high-quality leather shoes and guarantee your investment piece becomes a forever piece. If the shoes have laces, our recommendation is to loosen the upper eyelets and untie them right down to the middle of the lacing. Slide the shoe off with your hand and put them in a safe spot out of direct sunlight. Another helpful way to remove shoes is with a shoehorn. Shoehorns work to prevent any unnecessary strain or ‘wear and tear’ on the heel cap, heel stitching and shaft. They’re particularly useful for boots where the leather is more rigid, or for women who have trouble with their back.


There are many ways to look after your shoes to ensure maximum longevity and even extend their life. Our collection of European-made footwear supports a slow - the approach to producing clothing which takes into consideration all aspects of the supply chain - fashion industry, meaning each shoe is crafted with care, consideration and full transparency in the manufacturing process. We are confident in the shoemakers we work with, and that your shoes will hold a special place in the wardrobe for many years to come.

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